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Demographic Dividend: The Challenge of 75 Years of Independency

17 August 2020

Indonesia has declared its independency for 75 years. It is not short amount of time that Indonesia could hold on up until now. Even though Indonesia must have gone through a long way since colonial period and the battle to achieve independency. Our late patriots bleed to fight for our homeland so we could live a better life in peace. Population of the youth has risen up to 230 million and still going in 2020. 

Subchan Daragana

  • Subchan Daragana, President of Youth Organiztaion in West Java Province/Karang Taruna Provinsi Jawa Barat

From time to time, several President had led Indonesia with their own leadership style. Since President Soekarno to President Joko Widodo, Indonesians have seen how the wheel of regime lived by every elite leader. Thus, history will always write down how Indonesians  treated by their leaders. 

In this context, every elite leader’s role complicates following the changes of time. The closest challenge for Indonesia that we have sense is Demographic dividend. For example, Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) Jawa Barat had predicted in 2019 there are 49,32 million of people live in Jawa Barat. 

Therefore, this made West Java became the most populated province in Indonesia. As the population grew larger will automatically followed by the emerge of living needs and problems.

Demographic dividend is expected to be our nation’s prize, not the other way around that will lead Indonesia including West Java to catastrophe. Youth generation is an important aspect in Demographic dividend.

According to data of Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS), population of West Java aged 15 years or more reached 36,58 million people. The total workforce is 23,8 million people, and 21,9 million of them work in various business sectors. Other data shows that even 1,9 million people are still unemployed in this fertile and prosperous land. This fact is a big homework that must be given a solution to solve by each party.

On the other hand, the quality of human resources especially in West Java still seems miserable. Supported by data that shows 40,23% of workers in West Java are dominated with elementary graduates.  The proportion of the workforce to the working age population who graduated from Elementary School is 63.19%. Thereafter, the university graduate only filled 11,5 percent of the total workforce. This condition should encourage every regional leader to work harder and smarter.

Then where to start and how to deal with this demographic dividend? The answer to this question will be very relevant by stating that the key to the progress of this nation, including West Java Province, is to prioritize the development of the youth generation.

The head of Village, Rukun Warga and Rukun Tetangga surely have to embrace the youth generation to make a move towards every sector of life. Hence, moves which built from national region, or even village region will unite to be one.

Furthermore, leaders in every line need to have a great sense of concern for the development of youth generation. It is not just a matter of physical needs that are always met, but also the need for strong character, mental, ethos, intellectual development and integrity must be the main program in the development of the youth generation.

Meanwhile in this Digital Era and due to Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, it is important for the youth generation to be empowered as an individual. This will push their creativity in facing and solving the Economical, Social, Cultural, Political, Educational, Agronomical, Technological, and Religion problems in the verge of chaos.

Therefore, the role of youth must be at the forefront of making a movement for change that is better and more solution. And this will run smoothly if the communication patterns of leaders in each line can be well received by the youth generation. Leaders' siding with the youth generation is absolute if this nation's progress want to be materialized. Because, history records, that this nation can be independent through the results of the struggle of youth who sacrificed. They are the superior young people who are given great trust by the Indonesians. Consequently they show their abilities perfectly.

By Subchan Daragana, President of Youth Organiztaion in West Java Province/Karang Taruna Provinsi Jawa Barat